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BakFlip Hard Tonneaus
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BakFlip Tonneau Covers

BAKFlip hard folding tonneaus give you access to your WHOLE truck bed. These Tri-folding systems make accessing your gear and supplies easy. Our durable material also adds strength and weather-resistance to protect everything that is important to you. We carry a variety of BAKFlip options, including the popular G2 and MX4.


BAKFlip® G2 Truck Bed Cover

The BAKFlip® G2 (Generation 2) Tonneau Cover / Truck Bed Cover is the NEWEST GENERATION (G2 = "GENERATION 2") of the original hard, folding multi-panel tonneau covers! Now you have all the security of a locking hard ALL METAL (aluminum) surfaced tonneau cover and have instant access to your entire truck bed!

The innovative BAKFlip G2 cover folds all the way forward and up against the truck's rear cab (rear window) giving you access to all of your truck bed without removing the cover! The BAKFlip is also easily removable with 2 fastening knobs and weighs only 40 lbs! PLUS - The BAKFlip DOES NOT INTERFERE with stakehole pockets on your truck, so it works perfectly with side rails, headache racks, tie downs, overhead truck racks, etc!

The BAKFlip G2 now uses a tough textured aluminum paneled surface for all flat panel surfaces above and below the cover. This incredibly durable panel has a double coat of epoxy primer that is baked on at 460 degrees. Once the primer has set, an extraordinarily tough and scratch-resistant polyester-based coating is used as the final finishing coat (which gives the look of tough, baked-on enamel, but is much higher quality). This coating process ensures that the covers are both scratch and UV resistant.

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G2 Hard Tonneau Features:

Extang tonneau on white Ford Pick up
  • Intermittent locking positions.
  • Drive with the BakFlip G2 tonneau cover fully or partially open.
  • Integrated drainage system built into the rails.
  • No drill installation.
  • Removes in seconds.
  • Allows full access to stake pockets.
  • Works with 5th wheel hitches.
  • Works with all sprayed-on bed liners and bed extenders.
  • Works with all “under the side rail” plastic bed liners
  • Panels latch automatically.
  • With your tailgate closed and locked, you have absolute security.


BAKFlip® MX4 Truck Bed Cover

The BAKFlip® MX4 Tonneau Cover provides a sleek appearance and a strong support system. You are now able to keep your supplies covered and safe with ease. A flush-fit allows the cover to easily flush out water to the drainage tubes while looking smooth on the road. No exposed aluminum also reduces the chances for rust to develop on this foldable cover. 

Unlock, open the cover with the string latch, and access 100% of your truck bed. The cover is secured in place with struts that rest in the rod clips when not in use. This tonneau has rubber bumpers that protect your truck’s cab while locked open. The MX4 is ready for all purposes.

Installation is simple. All you need is a wrench and a socket set. Your cover assembly will only take approximately one hour. This cover will keep your truck and gear safe and take the worries away from you.

MX4 Hard Tonneau Features:Extang tonneau on white Ford Pick up

  • Safely use the cover ⅔ closed or fully open
  • Drain tubes included in the rails
  • No drill needed for installation
  • Quick access to the complete truck bed
  • Carries up to 400 lbs. of evenly distributed weight
  • Works with 5th wheel hitches.
  • Works with all sprayed-on bed liners and bed extenders.
  • Works with all “under the side rail” plastic bed liners
  • Constructed with aluminum panels for strength
  • Improved clamping system with prop rod clips


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