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Century Hard Tonneaus
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Century Tonneau Covers

Century Silhouette Hard Tonneau Cover
Silhouette Hard Tonneau Cover

The NEW Century hard tonneau cover Silhouette has a sports design with features made to fit the truck it is going on! Silhouette hard tonneau has custom fit design, Dupont Automotive paint, Easy No-Drill Installation, and Raider 4-Bar Articulating Hinge System.

Century makes truck products that will last and have styling that looks great on the road. Century has options like keyless remote locks, battery dome light, and painted spoilers for a hard tonneau you will love day after day!



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Black cargo cover from Century on truck

Cargo Cover Hard Tonneau

The most popular Century hard tonneau cover of all time, the Cargo Cover offers sturdy construction and easy operation. Overall a simple tonneau truck cover, the Cargo Cover features wire lock rods with rotary latches instead of cables. Standard features of this Century hard tonneau cover include a limited lifetime warranty on the structure as well as a lifetime warranty on the paint. Additional options of the Cargo Cover tonneau truck cover include a battery dome light, remote unlock, and a painted spoiler.

Century Cargolid Hard Tonneau Cover

Century CargoLid Hard Tonneau

Century hard tonneau cover CargoLid is a strong and secure alternative to tonneau truck covers. Maximizing your storage capacity is just one of the many benefits of a Century tonneau cover. With rear-mounted flip-lock handles, automotive-style rotary latches and a 4-bar articulating hinge system, this CargoLid Century tonneau truck cover offers simple functionality and usability. Its sleek and streamlined look will accentuate your truck's features. Available options for the CargoLid tonneau truck cover include keyless remove unlocks, LED dome lights, and painted rear wings.

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