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Cap Pack Storage System
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Cap-Pack Sport

Cap-Pack products dealer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin areaJust about everyone we know with a truck ends up with a truck bed full of little odds and ends rattling around. Sure, you can pack it all up in plastic tote, but then you have to root around inside the box to find anything. And then the box just ends up sliding and bouncing around all over the back of your truck, too.

So when we first saw the Cap-Pack it was a Eureka! moment. Imagine a lightweight aluminum storage drawer mounted to the roof of your truck cap. Pull it out and it tilts down for easy access to storage compartments you configure to your own needs. Hunting rifles? No problem. Fishing hats? Plenty of room. Miscellaneous tools? Load ‘em in.

The other great thing about the Cap-Pack is that it frees up the bed of your truck for larger things. If you’ve got tents and sleeping bags and coolers and dog cages to carry on a camping trip, the last thing you want is a bunch of smaller items getting lost in the shuffle. Especially if they’re things you need to have ready access to.

Cap-Pack is available for Century, Leer and Raider truck caps. Professional installation by Cap Connection recommended.


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  • Lightweight aluminum storage drawer covered in marine grade carpet
  • Adjustable storage dividers
  • Steel mounting frame
  • Maintenance-free sealed bearing rollers
  • Dual rotary latches
  • Two keyed locks
  • 100 lb. capacity (evenly distributed weight)
  • Limited 1-year warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.


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