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Truck Toolboxes for Sale in Wisconsin

Best Tool Boxes for Trucks with Secure, Long-Lasting Storage

Toolboxes from Cap Connection are guaranteed to last years through your professional jobs and DIY projects. Throw your hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches and levels in one of our UWS, DeeZee, Undercover Swing Case, Geneva or Better Built truck toolboxes. These truck accessories are constructed from the most durable materials – order yours today!

Side Mount, Underbody & Rustproof Toolboxes

UWS Tool Box & Mounting Hardware

UWS Standard Profile ToolboxInterested in stainless steel locks or a matte black box? With over 400 variations on truck toolboxes available, UWS tool boxes color, feature and style options truck enthusiasts fully appreciate. Cap Connection has a number of their truck tool boxes for sale, including:

  • UWS Standard Profile
  • UWS Side Mount Series
  • UWS Utility Chest Series
  • UWS Top sider Series
  • UWS Drawer Slide Series

DeeZee Tool Boxes for Trucks

DeeZee Crossover Tool BoxOne of the most popular brands on the market, truck tool boxes from DeeZee are a hot commodity. From an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), these toolboxes are non-rusting chests made from stainless steel and aluminum. Buy the DeeZee product you have in mind at Cap Connection, such as:

  • DeeZee Padlock Tool Boxes
  • DeeZee Crossover Tool Boxes
  • DeeZee Side-Mount Tool Boxes
  • DeeZee Tool Box Chests

Undercover Swing Case Truck Toolbox

Undercover Swing CaseNoted as being the only portable utility case on the market, you won’t find a swing case toolbox for your truck’s bed anywhere else. Choose Cap Connection when purchasing this UnderCover Swing Case to access the benefits of this product, including, but not limited to:

  • Easy 5-Minute Installation
  • Holds Up to 75 lbs
  • Compatible with Soft, Hard, Folding & Rolling Tonneau Covers
  • Rustproof

Better Built Tool Boxes

The name says it all: Better Built tool boxes for trucks are manufactured to give you longer life and better durability through the elements. Products from Better Built are constructed from high-strength aluminum.

Invest in one of these toolboxes for trucks from Cap Connection today and you won’t be looking for a replacement for years:

  • Crown Series
  • Special Addition Crown (SEC) Series
  • Heavy Duty (HD) Series

Contact the truck experts to inquire about toolboxes for sale at Cap Connection today!
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