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Ladder Racks for Trucks & Vans Near Milwaukee

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Truck & Van Ladder Racks Sold & Installed Near Milwaukee

Cap Connection offers a comprehensive selection of ladder racks for trucks and vans. Whether you're a Milwaukee contractor, tradesperson, or outdoor enthusiast, our sturdy and versatile ladder racks provide the perfect solution for safely transporting your ladders and other bulky equipment. With a wide range of ladder rack options available, including adjustable designs and various load capacities, you'll find the ideal ladder rack to suit your specific needs.

Contact Cap Connection today for the perfect ladder rack for your truck or van. We provide ladder rack installation in Milwaukee as well.

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Offering the Top Ladder Rack Brands

We take pride in offering a wide selection of ladder racks from top brands known for their quality and durability. Choose from ladder racks from trusted brands including:

Whether you need a ladder rack for your truck or van, you can trust these brands to provide reliable solutions for safely and efficiently transporting your equipment. The Cap Connection’s ladder racks selection includes racks made of aluminum, steel, & corrosion-resistant materials, so you can trust them to last. Contact us for help finding the ideal ladder rack for your vehicle. Then trust Cap Connection to properly install the ladder rack of your choosing.

Types of Ladder Racks

There are various types of ladder racks available for trucks and vans. Each offers unique functions and conveniences. Whichever type you choose, ladder racks provide the convenience and functionality necessary for safely transporting ladders and other bulky equipment, catering to the specific needs of contractors, tradespeople, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Contact us today, and we’ll help determine the ideal type of ladder rack system for you.

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Popular Ladder Racks

  • Base Racks
    • A "base rack" ladder rack serves as a stable foundation for mounting ladder rack systems onto vehicles. It provides structural support and stability, allowing secure transportation of ladders or heavy equipment on the roof or bed of the vehicle. Base racks offer a versatile solution for expanding cargo-carrying capacity and can be customized to fit various vehicle models.
  • Rear Access Racks
    • A "rear-access" ladder rack is a specialized system that enables easy access to ladders or equipment from the rear of a vehicle by utilizing a pivoting or folding mechanism. It eliminates the need to climb onto the vehicle's roof or bed, providing a convenient and safe loading/unloading solution, especially in tight spaces.
  • Lock-Down Racks
    • A “lock-down” ladder rack is a secure system that holds ladders in place during transportation using locking mechanisms or clamps. It ensures stability and prevents ladders from shifting or falling off the rack, providing added safety during transit.
  • Side Access Rotation Racks
    • A “side access rotation” ladder rack is a system that allows easy loading and unloading of ladders or equipment from the side of a vehicle through a rotating mechanism, eliminating the need to reach over or climb onto the roof or bed. It offers convenient side access and enhances safety and efficiency during handling.
  • Cargo Carrier Racks
    • A "cargo carrier" ladder rack is a versatile system that combines ladder-holding capabilities with additional space for carrying tools, supplies, or other cargo on top of a vehicle. It offers a convenient solution for efficiently transporting both ladders and other items in a single rack system.
  • Rotation/Lock-Down “Combo” Racks
    • A "rotation/lock-down 'combo'" ladder rack is a versatile system that combines the benefits of side access rotation and secure locking mechanisms. It allows for convenient loading and unloading from the side while ensuring the stability and safety of the ladders during transportation.
  • Inside Van Ladder Racks
    • An "inside van rack" ladder rack is a system installed inside a van to securely hold ladders, maximizing space and protecting them from weather and theft. It offers a practical and organized solution for transporting ladders within the vehicle.
  • Cargo Van Ladder Racks
    • Cargo van ladder racks optimize the storage capacity of cargo vans by utilizing vertical space. By securely mounting ladders on the exterior of the van, the racks free up space for users to organize and transport other tools, equipment or cargo.
  • Pickup Ladder Racks
    • A "pick-up ladder rack" is a rack system specifically designed for pickup trucks to securely transport ladders or other long items. It offers a convenient and reliable solution for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts needing to carry such equipment on their trucks.
  • Rack Top Carriers
    • A "rack top carrier" is a roof-mounted system that securely transports ladders or large items on top of a vehicle. It maximizes cargo capacity and is favored by professionals and outdoor enthusiasts needing to transport such equipment.

Serving Southeastern Wisconsin with Quality Ladder Rack Sales & Installs

Whether you need a side or top mount ladder rack, sport rack or compact truck rack, Cap Connection’s truck accessory team will help you find the exact truck accessory you need. We provide ladder racks for customers out of Waukesha, Brookfield, Muskego, Menomonee Falls, Milwaukee, West Allis, Wauwatosa, Delafield, Mukwonago, New Berlin, and beyond.

Contact Cap Connection for information on our quality ladder racks, pricing and special offers!
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