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UWS Storage Solutions

UWS Stand Profile Series
Standard Profile
UWS Sidemount Series
Side Mount Series
UWS Utility Chest Series
Utility Chest Series
UWS Topsider Series Toolboxes
Topsider Series
UWS Drawer Slider Series
Drawer Slide Series

UWS builds these toolboxes and storage containers in sunny Florida using tested and proven designs. They make over 400 variations on truck toolboxes in multiple styles, features and colors to ensure you get a toolbox that fits your truck perfectly.

Crossover Toolbox Series

The most popular boxes UWS offers, these feature their patented Foam Filled Lid and stainless steel locks for superior strength. We think it’s safe to say you will wear out your truck before this toolbox needs replacing.

UWS offers a standard lid depth (Standard Profile) or a Low Profile version that sits 2” lower on your bed rails for a sleeker look and better visibility from your rear window. In addition to the square shaped tool box, they also offer a wedge-shaped version that allows for placement over the wheel wells in a truck bed, a Slim Line version (shallower box depth), a Deep version (deeper box depth) and a Gull Wing model (lid opens gull wing style from either side).

UWS gives you a choice of polished aluminum (silver), black or matte black.

Standard Profile

UWS Standard Profile Toolbox

This is the most popular UWS toolbox, and for good reason.  It offers strength and security in a wide range of styles and sizes to fit virtually any need.

  • Patented Fully Foamed Lid creates a rigid structure resistant to bending and warping
  • Lid Opens 90° for easy access to tools and equipment
  • Connecting Rod Enclosure helps keep things in your box from jamming the locking system
  • 0.063" Aluminum One-Piece Tub and Lid can withstand heavy loads and dropped tools
  • Self-Closing Struts automatically close the lid with just a light tug
  • MicroSeal™ Stripping helps keep moisture, dust and dirt out
  • 2 Built-in Tool Trays and Screwdriver Holders make tools readily accessible while also adding strength and rigidity to the box
  • 3-Compartment Sliding Tray for convenient storage and retrieval of small items 

Side Mount Series


UWS Side Mount Series Toolbox


When a crossover box isn’t enough, a side mounted box provides extra storage space for tools and equipment. These sit on your bedrail and hang just to the top of your fender well. Although originally intended for use in conjunction with a crossover box, you can also run one or two of these by themselves. 

  • Patented Fully Foamed Lid enhanced rigidity to help prevent warping or bending
  • Stainless Steel Lock Handles for strength, security and rust-free performance
  • 0.063" Aluminum One-Piece Tub and Lid to withstand heavy loads and tool drops while also keeping the elements outside
  • Self-Closing Struts automatically close lid with a light pull
  • MicroSeal™ Stripping seals out moisture and dust
  • Lid Opens 90-degrees for easy access to tools and equipment

Utility Chest Series

If you can’t install a crossover box because you need to keep your bed rails free for other things, a UWS utility chest may be just what you need. These are designed to be placed against the back of the cab. An offset hinge allows you to slide right against the back of your cab and still open the lid without it rubbing against your truck. Available in a range of width and in notched or wedge notched configurations to fit virtually any truck bed.

Standard Chest

UWS Standard Chest Toolboxes

UWS notes that the Standard Chest model is intended for storage only, not for use in the back of your pickup truck. If you are looking for something that will house your tools in your garage, the Standard Chest is perfect. If you need something to do double duty as a garage chest and something you can carry on your truck, we recommend the Foot Locker/ATV chest.

Chest Wedge

UWS Chest Wedge Toolbox

The Chest Wedge series are designed to be placed up against the back of your truck’s cab in-between the wheel wells. UWS builds these with their offset hinge design, which allows you to fully open the lid without it rubbing against the back of your truck bed.

Chest Wedged/Notched

UWS Chest Wedged Notched Toolbox

The difference between this series and the Chest Wedge series is primarily size. While the Chest Wedge only comes in a 36” and a 42” width, these run from 55” to 60” across—making them a perfect fit for larger truck beds. The wedged and notched profiles are designed to fit in-between fender wells while still providing plenty of cargo capacity for tools, parts and anything else you need to transport to the job site.

Foot Locker/ATV

UWS Foot Locker/ATV Toolbox

UWS designed these chests for maximum versatility. Use at home, or carry it on your truck. The slightly smaller ATV version (32” across vs 36”, and 12” wide vs 19” wide) is ideal for hauling gear on backcountry camping trips. The excellent MicroSeal™ gaskets do a great job of keeping out moisture and dust.

Topsider Series

UWS Topsider Series Toolbox

When a crossover toolbox isn’t enough, these space saving boxes provide extra storage space for tools and equipment. Offered in lengths ranging from 48” to 96”, with one door or 2-doors, these boxes mount on the top of your truck’s bed rails. These boxes use heavy-duty MicroSeal™ gaskets to help protect your gear from the elements.

Drawer Slide Series

UWS Drawer Slides help keep you organized while providing easy access to small tools and equipment—the kind that easily gets lost in a bigger toolbox with larger items inside. You can combine the Chest Drawer with two Fenderwell boxes for the ultimate in organization, or line up several Drawer Slides you have customized for different jobs. However you set yours up, versatility and organization has never looked so good. 

Chest Drawer Slides

UWS Chest Drawer Slides Toolbox

You know those fishing tackle boxes that open up with different levels containing storage for all your hooks, flies, weights and bobbers? This Chest Drawer is the work truck equivalent. With the lid popped open, you have easy access to 10 drawers you can use to store small tools and equipmen, plus a 4 cubic foot storage area in the center. Front and top opening lids ensure you can easily get to whatever you’re looking for.

  • 2 Drawer Slide Boxes with a total of 10 drawers for storing small tools and equipment
  • 4 Cubic Foot Center Storage Area for storing larger tools and equipment (with tray removed)
  • Patented Fully Foamed Lid enhances rigidity of lid to prevent bending or warping
  • Stainless Steel Paddle Lock for strength, security and a long, rust-free service life
  • Front and Top Opening Lids provide easy access to tools and equipment
  • Self-Closing Struts automatically close lid with just slight pull
  • 3-Compartment Sliding Tray for storing small items within easy reach
  • MicroSeal Stripping helps keep out water, dust and dirt 
  • Lid Opens 90-degrees for easy access to tools and supplies
  • Two powder coat finish options, polished aluminum or black 

Fenderwell Box with Drawer Slides

UWS Fenderwell Toolbox

Two great ideas in one: a space-saving fenderwell mounted box with drawer slides for storing small parts and tools. The top lid opens toward the center of truck so you can get to your equipment easily from the side of your truck, while 3 sliding drawers can be easily accessed from the back of your truck.

  • Single Lid Storage Box opens toward center of truck
  • 3 Sliding Drawers for small tools and equipment open toward back
  • 0.063" Aluminum One-Piece Tub and Lid designed to support heavy loads and dropped tools while also protecting against leaks.
  • Stainless Steel Paddle Handle Lock for strength, security and corrosion-free durability
  • MicroSeal™ Stripping helps keep out moisture, dust and dirt
  • Two Finish Options: Polished aluminum diamond tread or back powder coated aluminum diamond tread 

Drawer Slides

UWS Drawer Slides Toolbox

These compact-sized drawer slides are great for storing small parts and tools. You can use these in conjunction with a Fenderwell box, or line up several drawer slides filled with all the small gear you need for different jobs.  UWS offers these in two sizes and in two finishes—polished aluminum or a black powder coat.

  • 5 Precision-Injected Heavy-Duty Drawers for securely stowing tools and equipment
  • Corrosion-Resistant, Zinc-Plated Metal Sliders and stainless steel ball bearings for durability and smooth operation
  • Stainless Steel T-Handle Lock for extra strength, security and rust-free service life
  • MicroSeal™ Stripping helps keep out water and dust
  • Mounting Hardware and instructions included for easy installation  
UWS also offers a Fifth Wheel Box, Trailer Boxes and Dog Boxes. If you are interested in any of these type of boxes, let The Cap Connection know and we can order one for you.

Other Crossover Toolbox Versions Available:

  • Low Profile
  • Slim Line
  • Gull Wing
  • Deep



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